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We firmly believe that mentorship is a fundamental ingredient in the development of any person, especially an athlete.

Through our “Man-To-Man” Project, we seek to pair young high school age basketball players in the region with mentors in the United States (as well as other countries) that can help these players reach their true potential.

For example. we would seek a college basketball player from the region that is currently playing in the United States and pair them up with a high school player in the region who is interested in playing college basketball in the United States. We would hope that this mentorship opportunity allows young basketball players to learn more about how they can play at a higher level and obtain an education at the same time. In addition, each year we will provide scholarships to the top 3 high school basketball prospects from the region to help them attend college in the United States. Scholarship awards are based on both academic and athletic merit.

The size of the scholarship awards will be determined each year based on donations received the prior year. For 2022, the scholarship awards will be $1000 each. To be considered for a scholarship, you must sign up to be mentored and you will then receive more information over e-mail.

If you are a current or former college-level basketball player and would like to be a mentor to a young basketball player from the region, please click here.

If you are a high school level basketball player and you would like to be paired with a mentor, click here.