Homeland Hoops has partnered with the charity, Humanitarian Organization of Kosovsko Pomoravlje, to support the only basketball school in the Kosovsko Pomaravlje region of Kosovo & Metohija.

Kosovsko Pomoravlje is a charity organization dedicated to the needs of children and young people in Kosovo & Metohija. They strive to improve sports for children in the region and to give them the opportunity to live in a normal, nurturing and positive environment. You can find out more about the organization, the Humanitarian Organization of Kosovo Pomoravlje, on their website Link (https://www.kosovskopomoravlje.org/)

Kosovsko Pomoravlјe is a region where the remaining Serbian minority lives in rural ghettos, plagued by poverty, lack of employment opportunities and under constant threats to their security. Unfortunately, the Serbian enclaves in this region offer very little sports and other facilities for children and young people. Therefore, a large number of children do not have the opportunity to develop, socialize and travel through sports, and those especially talented in sports, can only fantasize without any real opportunities.  The challenges faced by the Serbian minority in this part of Kosovo & Metohija are many and living conditions are difficult, which is another reason why many parents in Serbian communities in Kosovo and Metohija do not see a future for their children. We hope that the basketball school is one part of what can be done to reverse this trend!

Kosovsko Pomoravlјe basketball school strives to create an enabling environment for children to develop intellectual abilities, sportsmanship and teamwork. Through this project, we want to encourage a love for basketball and provide children with the experience of playing sports, which, due to the circumstances in which they live, is minimal.
Training at the basketball school is held twice a week. Children are divided into two groups: from the first to the fourth grade and from the fifth to the seventh grade. The current number of participants is 80. The prescribed training time is 10 months, except July and August, when the organization of camps and other activities is planned.
Please help us support this great program and contribute to a better childhood for the kids in this region. Your support would enable the school to continue operations, purchase necessary equipment, participate in matches, organize camps and other needs.
Join us in building the only basketball school in Kosovsko Pomoravlje and encouraging the development of young talents. Your support has the potential to change lives and contribute to spreading the love of this great sport.
If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities with the school, please contact the school at: [skolakosarke@kosovskopomoravlje.org]. Your name or logo could be displayed on promotional materials, websites, social networks, and at camps and events.

All donations received by Homeland Hoops which designate “Basketball School” in the notes/comments will be paid to the bank account of the charitable organization “Kosovsko Pomoravlje” for use by the basketball school. Donations can be made on a monthly or annual basis.

Homeland Hoops, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable, not-for-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers.

You can make your donations at the following link